ITF Participation Webinar- Driving Growth Through Digital Innovation.

On the 29th April an ITF Participation Webinar took place with the theme being ” Driving Growth Through Digital Innovation. ” The presenters were:
–Riaan Kruger – Project Lead Coaching (ITF)
–Luca Santilli – Executive Director Tennis Development (ITF)
–Tapiwa Masunga – ITF Development Officer
–Cecilia Ancalmo – ITF Development Officer
–Miguel Crespo – Head of Participation & Coaching (ITF)
–Tim Jones – Project Lead Participation (ITF)

This was an invitation only event and all Pacific Oceania JTI Coordinators and Assistant JTI Coordinators along with some other key members of the tennis community were invited.

  • The ITF Participation Webinar is a forum for sharing updates on focused participation projects to invited ITF stakeholders.
  • The mission of the ITF Development Strategy is to ‘increase the number and standard of players worldwide’.
  • The Strategy includes a specific objective to increase participation in tennis worldwide for all ages, genders, playing standard and physical abilities.
  • The purpose of the ITF Participation Webinar is to provide an overview of the participation focused projects and activities that support the ITF Development Strategy.
  • These focused projects and activities will support National Associations to increase tennis participation through their respective national development programmes.
  • Participation Webinar is a one-hour (60 minute) session.
  • The session includes opportunities for attendees to ask questions to the presenters.

Pacific Oceania Nations in attendance were Guam, Fiji, PNG, Samoa, Solomon Islands, and OTF (Richard Breen).

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