Junior Billie Jean King Cup


There was no event in 2020 due to Covid 19


The Pacific Oceania Junior Fed Cup Teams competed in the Asia/Oceania Pre-Qualifying Event which was held in Colombo, Sri Lanka from the 4th-9th March 2019.
The Pacific Oceania Teams was Eleanor Schuster (SAM),Saoirse Breen (FIJI)
Zorika Morgan (SI) and Roxanne Clarke(FIJI)-captain :

The Team won 3-0 on opening day beating Singapore with both Eleanor Schuster and Saoirse Breen winning their respective Singles Matches and then combing to win their Doubles in a closely fought match 46, 62, 10-7.
The Pacific Oceania Junior Fed Cup Team continued their commanding form into Day 2  again winning decisively and yet to drop a set.
After Pool Play in the Junior Fed Cup Event, the Pacific Oceania Junior Fed Cup Team of Eleanor Schuster (SAM), Saoirse Breen (FIJI), Zorika Morgan (SI) and Roxanne Clarke (captain) reached the final of the 2019 Asia/Oceania Junior Fed Cup Pre-Qualifying Event after beating the 3rd Seeds Jordan in the semi-final 2-1, though the Pacific Oceania team conceded the doubles. Saoirse Breen got Pacific Oceania off to the perfect start winning her #2 singles 64, 64. Eleanor Schuster, after dropping the 1st set 64, came back to win the final 2 sets 64, 75 to book Pacific Oceania a place in the final  which they won beating 3rd seeds, Jordan, 2-0 with the Doubles not being played. Saoirse Breen got the Tie underway with a 60,60 win over her opponent before Eleanor Schuster won the Tie for Pacific Oceania beating her opponent 46, 62, 64 

As a result of winning the Pre-Qualifying Event the Pacific Oceania Junior Fed Cup Team then headed the following month with the same 3 players and coach to the Asia/Oceania Final Qualifying Junior Fed Cup Event in Bangkok, Thailand.

The Pacific Oceania Junior Fed Cup Team of Eleanor Schuster (SAM), Saoirse Breen (FIJI), Zorika Morgan (SI) were drawn in Pool C; the same pool as Hong Kong, 8th seeds China and 4th seeds, Indonesia. In their 1st pool match they were beaten 2-1 by Indonesia only winning the dead Doubles rubber 26,76, 12-10. They then lost their 2nd Pool match to 8th seeds, China 3-0 and their 3rd and final pool match against Hong Kong, also by 3-0 to finish bottom of their pool which put them into the play-offs for 9th-16th place.
The first play-off saw the Pacific Oceania Team beaten 2-0 (Doubles not played) by New Zealand. They then subsequently beat Lebanon 2-1 and then Indonesia 2-0 (Doubles not played) to finish in 13th place. The final positions were:

  1. Thailand                                             9.            New Zealand
  2. Chinese Taipei                                  10.         Malaysia             
  3. China                                                  11.         India
  4. Korea                                                  12.         Sri Lanka
  5. Australia                                            13.         Pacific Oceania
  6. Japan                                                  14,          Indonesia
  7. Hong Kong                                        15.         Uzbekistan
  8. Kazakhstan                                        16.         Lebanon


In February 2017, the Pacific Oceania Junior Fed Cup Team travelled to New Delhi, India to compete in the Junior Fed Cup. The Pacific Oceania Team was: Carol Lee (NMI);Naia Guitton (TAH);Eleanor Schuster (SAM); Brittany Teei (CI)-captain

The Pacific Oceania Junior Fed Cup Team of Carol Lee (NMI), Naia Guitton (TAH) and Eleanor Schuster (SAM) won their Pool in New Delhi, India without dropping a set. They were top seeds in their Pool and were drawn with 3 other Nations, 4th seeds Vietnam, Philippines and Tajikistan. In the opening Tie against the Philippines, Naia Guitton won her singles 62,61; Carol Lee 60,60 and Carol Lee combined with Eleanor Schuster to win the Doubles 60,62 with all 3 matches being completed in less than an hour.

In their 2nd tie against Tajikistan they similarly won 3-0 with Naia Guitton winning her singles 61,60; Carol Lee winning 60,63 and Naia Guitton/Eleanor Schuster winning their Doubles 64,60. Then in their final pool match against Vietnam, they also won 3-0 with Naia Guitton winning her singles 63,63, Carol lee 3-0 before her opponent retired with the Doubles not being played.
The Pacific Oceania Junior Fed Cup Team, after then beating Singapore 3-0 in the semi-finals,  then went on to win this Asia/Oceania Prequalifying Junior Fed Cup Event beating Sri Lanka in the Final 2-0 with the Doubles not being played This then put them into the Final Qualifying Event in New Delhi, India the following month in March.
The following month the same 3 Pacific Oceania Junior Fed Cup Players then went back to New Delhi, India for the Junior Fed Cup Qualifying Finals under new coach, Jerome Rovo (VAN).  There were 4 Groups of 4 with Pacific Oceania being drawn into Group D with Chinese Taipei (3rd seed), Uzbekistan (8th seed) and India. On the Opening Day Pacific Oceania lost to the 8th seeds, Uzbekistan, 2-1 with Carol Lee starting as she had in the pre-Qualifying event 3 weeks ago by resoundly defeating the #1 player from Uzbekistan 62,61 in a little over 1 hour.
The Pacific Oceania Junior Fed Cup Team were then convincingly beaten by 3rd seeds, Chinese Taipei 3-0 on Day 2 of the Qualifying Finals before similarly losing their final pool match to India 2-1 with Carol Lee again convincingly winning her singles match 61,62. This relegated Pacific Oceania to the Play-Offs for 9th-16th position.
In the Play Offs Pacific Oceania lost their opening match to Malaysia 2-1 with Carol Lee again winning her singles 62,62. On day 5 of the Junior Fed Cup Final Qualifying, Pacific Oceania then decisively beaten Sri Lanka 2-0 (doubles not played) with Carol Lee winning her Singles 60,60 in 45 minutes and Naia Guitton 62,64. In their final match to secure 13th position, Pacific Oceania then beat Kazakhstan 2-1 with Carol Lee (NMI) having another strong single performance winning her singles 64,62 before she teamed with Naia Guitton (TAH) to win the deciding doubles match 61,60 in 40 minutes.


In April, the Pacific Oceania Fed Cup Team competed in the 2016 Junior Fed Cup by BNP Paribas Asia/Oceania Final Qualifying in New Delhi, India. The team comprised Carol Lee (Northern Marianas Is), Naia Guitton (Tahiti), Vienna Kumar (Fiji) and Andrew Mailtorok (Vanuatu)-captain.
Earlier in the year at the pre-qualifying Fed Cup Event at the Sarawak Lawn Tennis Centre in Kuching, Malaysia, the Pacific Oceania Junior Fed Cup Team were the stand out team vying for the 2 spots
There were 16 teams competing across 4 Pools with Pacific Oceania drawn in Pool B. The Pool composition, with seeds in brackets, was:

  • Pool A: Japan(1), New Zealand(6),Kazakhstan, Malaysia
  • Pool B: Australia(2), Thailand(7), Pacific Oceania, Hong Kong
  • Pool C: Chinese Taipei(3), China(5), Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan
  • Pool D: India(4), Korea(8)Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan

After finishing 4th in their Pool, Pacific Oceania then finished 15th after beating Sri Lanka 2-1 on the final day with Carol Lee (NMI) again the star winning both her singles and doubles matches. She had in the previous day beaten the #1 player from Uzbekistan, Milana Maslenkova 61, 63 in the Pacific Oceania loss to them 2-1. The team had come perilously close to winning this Tie losing the Match Tie-Break final set in the Doubles 11-9 which would have meant playing off for the 9th-12th position


The Pacific Oceania Junior Fed Cup Team were the stand out team in the pre-qualifying Fed Cup, an International team competition for girls under 16, at the Sarawak Lawn Tennis Centre in Kuching Malaysia early in March 2015.

The event comprised 7 teams vying for 2 spots.

Making their first appearance in the competition since 2007, the Pacific Oceania Team demolished Sri Lanka in the final 3-0 without conceding a set. Earlier in Round Robin play, the Pacific Oceania team, seeded 4th, beat the top seed Singapore 2-1; Turkmenistan 3-0 and Kyrgyzstan similarly 3-0.

 The team comprised Tammy Ackerman (NMI); Mulan Kamoe (FIJI); Ayana Rengiil (PAL) and captain Andrew Mailtorok (VAN).

As a result, this then gave the Pacific Oceania Team entry into the Asia/Oceania Junior Fed Cup Qualifying Event in Shepparton, Victoria from 8-13 April

In this Event at Shepparton, Victoria, they finished 13th after beating Uzbekistan 2-1 on the final day of the event. The Singles was tied at 1 rubber all before the Pacific Oceania Doubles Team of Ayana Rengiil and Mulan Kamoe won the deciding doubles 76, 62

Earlier in the tournament in pool play the Pacific Oceania team scored an excellent win over the Philippines 2-1 to finish 3rd in their pool. They then moved to the play offs for the 9th to 16th place. In the first Play Off match they lost 3-0 to Korea, which then meant they had to face Sri Lanka.

Tammy Ackerman lost to the #1 girl from Sri Lanka 7-5, 6-1 before Mulan Kamoe level the Tie 1-1 with a decisively win over her opponent 6-3, 6-4. In the deciding double match the experienced doubles pair of Mulan Kamoe and Ayana Rengiil won easily 6-3 6-1 to give Pacific Oceania their second victory of the competition.