Oceania Tennis Championships


There was no event in 2020 due to Covid-19


The 2018 Oceania Championships were held from 3-9 September 2018 in Apia, Samoa. Ten Nations of Pacific Oceania (Australia, Cook Islands, Fiji, Guam, Federated States of Micronesia, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Samoa, Tahiti, Vanuatu) competed in both individual and team events.

The winners were:

GOLD MEDAL New Zealand Wesley Whitehouse, Nicholas Wiles
SILVER MEDAL Tahiti Heve Kelley, Hermanari Larsen, Reynald Taaroa
BRONZE MEDAL Australia Anzac Leidig, Adam Lasky, Harrison Lee-Scholl


GOLD MEDAL Samoa Eleanor Schuster, Vicky Leavai, Penina Kamu
SILVER MEDAL Fiji Saoirse Breen, Kajol Chand, Ruby Coffin
BRONZE MEDAL Australia Janaya Smith, Natalie Roe, Ella Merritt


GOLD MEDAL Wesley Whitehouse (NZL) Wesley Whitehouse (NZL) def Adam Lasky (AUS) 7/5,7/5
SILVER MEDAL Adam Lasky (Australia)
BRONZE MEDAL Heve Kelley (Tahiti) Heve Kelley (TAH) def Christopher Cajigan (GUM) 7/6(3),6/4


GOLD MEDAL Tamara Anderson (CI) Tamara Andreson (CI) def Eleanor Schuster (SAM) 4/6,6/3,6/4
SILVER MEDAL Eleanor Schuster (SAM)
BRONZE MEDAL Saoirse Breen (FIJ) Saoirse Breen(FIJI) def Janaya Smith (AUS) 7/5,7/5


GOLD MEDAL Adam Lasky/Harrison Lee-Scholl (AUS) A. Lasky/H. Lee-Scholl(AUS) def W. Whitehouse/N. Wiles (NZL) 6/2,7/6(3)
SILVER MEDAL Wesley Whitehouse/Nicholas Wiles (NZL)
BRONZE MEDAL Chris Cajigan/Danny Llarenas (GUM) ·        C. Cajigan/D.llarenas (GUM) def Hermanari Larsen/R. Taaroa (TAH) 76(2), 7/5


GOLD MEDAL V.Leavai/E.Schuster (SAM) V.Leavai/E.Schuster (SAM) def S.Breen/R.Coffin (FIJI) 3/6,6/1,(15-13)
BRONZE MEDAL P.Anderson/T. Anderson (CI) ·        P.Anderson/T. Anderson (CI) def K. Carruthers/L.Tausi’i (SAM) 6/2,6/2


GOLD MEDAL D. Llarenas(GUM)/V.Leavai (SAM) D. Llarenas(GUM)/V.Leavai (SAM) def M.So’onalole/E.Schuster(SAM)
SILVER MEDAL M.So’onalole/E.Schuster(SAM)
BRONZE MEDAL A. Lasky/E.Merritt (AUS) ·        A. Lasky/E.Merritt (AUS) def C.Cajigan(GUM)/T.Anderson(CI) 2/4,4/2,5/3


The 4th Oceania Championships were held in Suva on the newly resurfaced courts at the Victoria Park Complex and the Suva Tennis Park Complex in June with 14 Nations participating. Final placings in the Teams’ event were:


  1. New Caledonia                       Gold Medal
  2. Australia                                 Silver Medal
  3. Fiji                                           Bronze Medal
  4. New Zealand
  5. Tahiti
  6. Tonga
  7. Solomon Islands
  8. Guam


  1. Australia                                 Gold Medal
  2. Fiji                                          Silver Medal
  3. New Caledonia                       Bronze Medal
  4. Northern Marianas Is

The results of the Individual Events were:


  1. Nickolas N’Godrela (CAL)                Gold Medal
  2. Clint Letcher (AUS)                           Silver Medal
  3. William Bruchard (CAL)                    Bronze Medal
  4. Guillaume Monot (CAL)                    4th Place

N. N’Godrela and C. Letcher             W. Bruchard and G. Monot


  1. Nicole Sewell (AUS)                               Gold Medal
  2. Helen Parsons (AUS)                             Silver Medal
  3. Lysiane Moto (CAL)                               Bronze Medal
  4. Annie Shannon (FIJI)                             4th Place


  1. Travis Dragojlo/Clint Letcher (AUS)                 Gold Medal
  2. Guillaume Monot/Nickolas N’Godrela (CAL)  Silver Medal
  3. Chris Hargrove/William O’ Connell (FIJI)        Bronze Medal
  4. Matavao Fanguna/Semisi Fanguna (TONGA)  4th Place


  1. Helen Parsons/Nicole Sewell (AUS)                   Gold Medal
  2. Tarani Kamoe/Annie Shannon (FIJI)                 Silver Medal
  3. Nikita Bouttier/Lysiane Moto (CAL)                  Bronze Medal
  4. Isabel Heras/Carol Lee (NMI)                             4th Place


  1. Travis Dragojlo/Helen Parsons (AUS)               Gold Medal
  2. William O’Connell/Tarani Kamoe (FIJI)           Silver Medal
  3. Nickolas N’Godrela/Lysiane Moto (CAL)         Bronze Medal
  4. Daniel Llarenas (GUM)/Carol Lee (NMI)         4th Place

2014: (by Bruce Osborne)

Held: 31 August 2014 – 7 September 2014
Days 1-3: Oceania Teams Championship
Days 4-8: Oceania Singles Championship and Oceania Doubles Championship

Oceania Tennis Championship 2014


Venue for the 2014 Championships was:

The Cairns Tennis Centre, 358 Sheridan St Queensland 4870, Cairns, Queensland, Australia on 12 Plexi-cushion courts with floodlights held on Sunday 31 August 2014 through to Sunday 7 September 2014 

Format and Operations of the Oceania Tennis Championship:

 Oceania Teams Championship

  1.  Ties consisted of two singles and one doubles under the “Fast 4” format of play. Where sets are first to 4, no lets, no advantage and tie-break only for the 3rd set with the tie-break being first to 5.
  2. Oceania Singles Championship and Oceania Doubles ChampionshipsMen’s and Women’s singles and doubles championship and consolation events played over five days. Traditional best of 3 sets for main draw singles using a compass draw format with doubles being knockout and super tie-break for third set along with no add scoring.
  3. Tennis Officials Australia provided chair umpires for all teams championships matches and for semi-finals and finals of the Individual championships.
  4. Tennis Queensland provided the Tournament Director (Travis Dragoljo).
  5. Players finishing first, second or third received medallions at the presentation ceremony on Sunday 7th with presentations made by OTF Vice President Cyrille Mainguy from Vanuatu.

Accommodation, Meals and Transfers

Tennis Australia provided accommodation, meals and airport transfers for all participating players. Accommodation was in twin share rooms (inclusive of a full buffet breakfast) at the

  • Ibis Styles Cairns Colonial Club Resort
  • 18-26 Cannon Street Cairns Queensland
  • The players, managers, coaches and officials dinner was held at the Villa Romana restaurant on the Esplanade Cairns on Thursday 4th courtesy of Tennis Australia
  • Lunches were provided by the restaurant at the tennis centre and supplemented with Subway platters
  • Diners were provided at the Cairns Colonial Club resort on a limited selection basis.

Participating Nations:

Players from Australia, Fiji, New Caledonia, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Tahiti and Vanuatu participated.              

Teams: Gold: New Caledonia; Silver: Australia; Bronze: Tahiti / Samoa (combined team)
Individual Championships:
Singles- Gold: Helen Parsons (AUS); Silver: Elodie Launay (CAL);Bronze: Lyndsey Moto (CAL)                       Doubles- Gold: Helen Parsons / Nicole Sewell (AUS); Silver: Elodie Launay / Lyndsey Moto(CAL); Bronze:Ruby Coffin / Mulan Kamoe (Fiji)

Teams:  Gold: Australia;  Silver: Vanuatu; Bronze: New Caledonia
Individual Championships:
Singles: Gold: Adam Alessandrini (Australia); Silver: Samuel Journet (Vanuatu);Bronze: Heve Kelley (Tahiti)Doubles:Gold: Adam Alessandrini / Andrew Tavella (Australia); Silver: Samuel Journet / Aymeric Mara (Vanuatu); Bronze: Martin Labrosse / Gauillaume Monot (New Caledonia)


The Oceania Tennis Championships are being held in Cairns from 31 August-7 September.

The first 3 days will be the Teams Event (2 singles and 1 Doubles) with the scoring format being the “Fast 4” format of play. This will be followed by Singles and Doubles Championship played over the last 5 days.

The Fact Sheet can be accessed here: 2014 Oceania Championships Fact Sheet


 2014 Oceania Championships

Tennis Australia and the Oceania Tennis Federation would like to invite you to take part in the 2014 Oceania Championships to be held at the Cairns Tennis Centre, Queensland.

When: August 31st 2014 – September 7th 2014
Days 1-3: Team events for both men and women
Days 4-8: Individuals’ events for both singles and doubles

JBT ACADEMY - Cairns International Tennis Centre..

Oceania Tennis Championship 2014
First Information Circular

Dates of 2014 Championships: Sunday 31 August 2014 to Sunday 7 September 2014
Venue for the 2014 Championships:The Cairns Tennis Centre, Cairns, Queensland,

12 Tennis courts with floodlights

Format of Competition:

  1. Teams EventUp to eight national/international men’s and eight national/international women’s teams playing round robin and knockout ties over three days. Ties to consist of two singles and one doubles.
  2. Individual ChampionshipsMen’s and Women’s singles and doubles championship and consolation events played over five days.

Team Invitations:

Nations do not have to enter both a men’s and women’s team. All Nations are invited to express interest in entering a team and then if there are more than eight entries, selection of the strongest teams will be made by the Oceania Championships organising committee.

Team Composition:

Each team will comprise a maximum of three men or three women and a captain/coach per team. The team members will participate in both the teams and individual competitions.


Tennis Australia will be responsible for all staging costs.

Tennis Australia will provide hospitality for all participating teams, including hotel, meals and airport transfers.

Travel Costs:

National Tennis Associations with players participating and/or the players will be responsible for making their own travel arrangements to Cairns. This includes airfares and any visa costs.


June 6th                                     Expressions of Interest in participating from nations
June 20th                                   Acceptance of teams confirmed
July 31st                                    Team (player) nominations submitted
August 30th                                Arrival in Cairns
August 31st-September 7th      Oceania Championships

Contact Persons:

Oceania Organising Committee – Bruce Osborne bosborne@tennis.com.au
Oceania Tennis Federation – David Smith david@oceaniatennis.com


New Caledonia hosted the first Oceania Tennis Championships in Noumea in September 2010. The concept of these championships was to provide a high level of competitive tennis in the Pacific in the years where there are no Pacific Games and to involve all Oceania nations including Australia and New Zealand.

The 2012 Oceania Championships were held in Noumea, New Caledonia, in the first week of September. Teams from Australia, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Samoa and Vanuatu joined hosts New Caledonia in a week of teams and individual competition.

Samoa won the woOCEANIA affichemen’s teams competition and Australia the men’s.

Players from the visiting nations were also dominant in the individual competitions. Marcia Tere-Apisah (PNG), the top seed, was too consistent for Samoa’s Steffi Carruthers in the women’s singles final winning 6-3 6-3. The playoff for bronze was won by Yaelle Honakoko who beat her New Caledonia compatriot Samuelle Bull 6-2 6-1.

The men’s singles featured some upsets with defending champion Nickolas N’Godrela (CAL) going down to Adam Alessandrini (AUS) in a close match in the second round. The Australian then went on to upset fourth seed Troy Hargreaves (AUS) in the semifinals and then took the title in an exciting win over third seed Cyril Jacobe (VAN) 6-1

Samoa pairing Maylani Ah Hoy and Steffi Carruthers beat Annie Shannon and Tarani Kamoe (FIJ) to win gold in the women’s doubles. The men’s doubles was an all Australian affair with Alessandri and partner Brett Patten beating Troy Hargreaves and Bruce Osborne.