ITF Holds Membership Pathway Webinar

The ITF has just held an ITF Membership Pathway Webinar hosted by the ITF President- David Haggerty, Luca Santilli – Director of Tennis Development and James McGurran -International Relations Manager. There were attendees from 8 Member Nations- Barbara Stubbings (PNG), Bruce Osborne (Tennis Australia), Cyrille Mainguy (VAN), Davina Hosking-Ashford (CI), Romil Patel (FIJ), Tara Steffy-Perez (GUM), Vicky Reid (Tennis Australia), Yvonne Carruthers (SAM) an the 2 OTF Executive Officers, Richard Breen and David Smith.

The ITF discussed:

  • The ITF Membership Structure
  • The Global Distribution of ITF Member Nations
  • The Recent Nations that had transferred from Class C to Class B Membership
  • The Reason to Upgrade
    • Participate in Davis/Billie Jean King Cup
    • Right to vote at ITF AGMs
    • Access Subscription Rebate Programme
    • Nominate candidates for the ITF Board of Directors
  • The Minimum Standard for Upgrade
    • Positive Engagement with ITF and Regional Association
    • Properly Constituted
    • Junior Tennis Initiative (JTI) Programme in Action
    • National Competitions (open)
    • Engaged with Online Academy
    • Host ITF/OTF Events
    • Ensure Financial sustainable
  • The Sustainability was discussed in detail including the costs and the Subscription Fee Rebate Programme
  • Then Finally the 5-step process

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