2023 OTF AGM Held Virtually

The 2023 OTF AGM was held virtually for the 4th consecutive year. It was intended to be a face-to-face AGM, but this couldn’t occur due to 2 consecutive cyclones (Judy and Kevin) that closed all airport access to Vanuatu. There were 30 attendees at the AGM including the following from the ITF and Tennis Netherlands who presented to the AGM:

  • David Haggerty – ITF President
  • Luca Santilli – ITF Executive Director, Tennis Development
  • Gary Purcell – ITF Development Officer, Pacific Oceania
  • James McGurran – ITF International Relations Manager
  • Roger Davids – President, Tennis Netherlands and Chair of the ITF Stakeholder Engagement Taskforce.

During the AGM, there was an election for the OTF Vice President for the 4 years from 2023-2027 and 3 OTF Board Members also for the 4 years from 2023-2027. Elected were:

Vice -President 2023-2027 Bruce Osborne (AUS)
Board Member 2023-2027 Vicki Reid (AUS)
Board Member 2023-2027 Terri-Ann Scorer (NZL)
Board Member 2023-2027 Florence Wasko (AS)

They join incumbent OTF Board Members:

President 2021-2025 Cyrille Mainguy (VAN)
Board Member 2021-2025 Davina Hosking-Ashford (CI)
Board Member 2021-2025 Torgun Smith (GUM)
Board Member 2021-2025 Barbara Stubbings (PNG)

During the AGM the following PowerPoint Presentations were presented:

David Haggerty D-Haggerty-Presentation-video-2023-OTF-AGM

Roger Davids Presentatie_communitybuilding_OTF_230305

Luca Santilli Development Budget Overview

Gary Purcell Development Overview – 6 Strategic Pillars

Vicki Reid Advantage-All-Overview-for-RAs_Feb2023-1

Vicki Reid AOPP AOPP-meeting-presentation-2022

Shalom Akao-Waita Sol2023-xvii-pacific-games-–-tennis-update.2.03.23

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