19 OTF Women To Participate in the ITF Advantage All Leadership Programme.

19 OTF Women will participate in the ITF Advantage All Leadership Programme. This programme aims to inspire women to take on decision making roles and will provide additional knowledge, skills and aspiration to reach those positions. The programme will also provide opportunities for women to develop their networking skills and broaden their networks. Those enrolled in the Leadership Programme are:
* Florence Wasko (ASA)
* Isabelle Gemmel (AUS)
* Jacquie Mangan (AUS)
* Vicki Reid (AUS)
* Davina Hosking (CI)
* Lalavanua Sereima (FIJ)
* Mae Hsieh (GUM)
* Vanessa Rokoua (KIR)
* Terri-Ann Scorer (NZL)
* Julie Paterson (NZL)
* Barbara Stubbings (PNG)
* Ernestine Rengiil (PLW)
* June Langton (SAM)
* Shalom Akao-Waita (SI)
* Agnes Gaote’e (SI)
* Ruth Manea (TAH)
* Anne Criqu-Leissner (TAH)
* Asita Molotii (TUV)
* Sarah Sands (VAN)

The ITF will then follow this by delivering a Mentoring Programme to a select group of women participating in the Leadership Programme. This programme will provide additional guidance and support on subjects such as election campaigning and raising profile and will focus on individuals who could be potential candidates for future Regional Association or ITF Board of Directors.

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