Regional Training Centre Team-2014

The following is the 2014 Regional Training Centre Team:


Director                                  Darran Wrighton
Head Coach                           Andrew Mailtorok
Manager                                 Naga Reddy

Returning Players:

Lorraine Banimatoku             Vanuatu
Lorish Puluspene                   Papua New Guinea
Terry Rush                             Federated Staes of Micronesia
Annie Shannon                      Fiji
Junior Benjamin                     Solomon Islands
Vinda Teally                           Solomon Islands
Tebatibunga Tito                    Kiribati
Ruby Coffin                           Fiji
Mulan Kamoe                        Fiji
Graham Mani                        Solomon Islands
Latasi Mwea                          Kiribati
Georgimah Row                    Solomon Islands


Ever wondered How do I get a Scholarship to the RTC or What is the Pathway for a Pacific Tennis Player. Click here to find the answers: RTC Brochure 2013 and the RTC Information sheet for prospective applicants RTC information sheet for prospective applicants



Regional Training Centre Team-2014