The ITF Pacific Oceania Junior Championships have begun at the Regional Tennis Centre in Lautoka, Fiji.

The draws can be accessed by clicking on the following Tournament Software Link: http://www.tournamentsoftware.com/sport/tournament.aspx?id=EE5E172B-4183-45E5-9D24-43C5A20B4775

Monday 12 August- Day 1 Results are as follows: POJC Results Day # 1 Monday 12 Aug 2013

Tuesday 13 August– Day 2 Results are as follows: POJC Results Day # 2 Tuesday 13 Aug 2013

Wednesday 14 August-Day 3 Results are as follows: POJC Results Day # 3 Wednesday 14 Aug 2013

Thursday 15 August: Day 4 Results are as follows: POJC Results Day # 4 Thursday 15 Aug 2013

Friday 16 August: Day 5 Results are as follows: Results Day 5 -POCJC

Final Placings: Final Placings-POCJC



The ITF Pacific Oceania Junior Championships (POJC) will be played in Lautoka, Fiji from 12th-16th August 2013. These events are open only to national teams selected from Pacific Oceania players. The PO Junior Championships is made up of regional teams from the 3 qualifying competitions plus a team from associate member nations (New Caledonia and Tahiti).

There are 3 qualifying competitions, one in each of the sub-regions.

  • West Pacific Qualifying       Fiji                  6th-10th May
  • North Pacific Qualifying     Guam            12th-16th June
  • East Pacific Qualifying        Samoa           5th-9th August


POCJC History and Guidelines
The Pacific Oceania Junior Championships (POJC)

In 1990 the first POCJC was held. To learn more about the history of this event and how this event is managed and organized click on the attached link entitled POJC Guidelines

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