The Pacific Oceania Junior Championships was a culmination of a circuit of Regional Events held across the Pacific in 2015. The East again was the best performed Region with the results in the various age groups as follows:

Boy’s 12 Singles Name Country Points   Girl’s 12 Singles Name Country Points
1st Molinier TAH 150   1st Schuster SAM 150
2nd Tigona VAN 100   2nd Breen FIJI 100
3rd P.Warren SAM 75   3rd C. Kaga NMI 75
4th Leflon FIJI 60   4th Tauto TAH 60
5th Manovai TAH 45   5th Morgan SOL 45
6th Cribb NI 40   6th Tutle NMI 40
7th Kofe TUV 35   7th J. Warren ASA 35
8th Leng GUAM 30   8th C. Kaga NMI 30
9th Freddy FSM 25   9th L. Cronin SAM 25
10th Woo NMI 22   10th Signo VAN 22
11th Paik NMI 20   11th Bird SOL 20
12th Duseigneur SAM 0   12th Skilling FSM 0


Boy’s 14 Singles Name Country Points   Girl’s 14 Singles Name Country Points
1st Mainguy VAN 150   1st Guitton TAH 150
2nd Osmont TAH 100   2nd Tan NMI 100
3rd Schorr NMI 75   3rd Lamorelle TAH 75
4th Song NMI 60   4th Miyawaki NMI 60
5th Guines TAH 45   5th Sakano NMI 45
6th Pavitt SAM 40   6th Molballeh VAN 40
7th Hannam VAN 35   7th Spiti VAN 35
8th Ioera KIR 30   8th Mwang KIR 30
9th William FSM 25   9th Christman ASA 25
10th Moliti TUV 22   10th M.Miller ASA 22
11th Tudela NMI 20   11th Au SOL 20
12th JQ Lim ASA 0   12th Ledua ASA 0



Boy’s 16 Singles Name Country Points   Girl’s 16 Singles Name Country Points
1st Magalasin ASA 150   1st Lee NMI 150
2nd Benjamin SOL 100   2nd Rengiil PAL 100
3rd Taaroa TAH 75   3rd Rowe SOL 75
4th Laisan TAH 60   4th Teally SOL 60
5th H. Cronin SAM 45   5th Coffin FIJ 45
6th Vigas ASA 40   6th Kumar FIJ 40
7th Mani SOL 35   7th Heras NMI 35
8th Gadsden GUM 30   8th Saipele SAM 30
9th Caldwell GUM 25   9th M.Miller ASA 25
10th Zheng VAN 22   10th Usita-Lee GUM 22
11th Nillasca PAL 20   11th Tsukagoshi NMI 20
12th Chand FIJ 0   12th Palik FSM 0


2014: ITF/OTF Pacific Oceania Junior Championships – 2014 by Darran Wrighton

The POJC was the culmination of a circuit of Regional Events held in the Pacific in 2014.

The first of the circuits was hosted in the West Pacific (Fiji) during May; the circuit then moved up to the North Pacific (Guam) in July and finished in the East Pacific (American Samoa) in August. The ITF Development Officer for Pacific Oceania had the responsibility of being Referee for each of the Regional Championships assisted by the host nation officials. During the Regional Events over 180 players participated representing over 12 nations in the Pacific.

This year’s POJC was run at the Regional Tennis Centre in Lautoka, Fiji, the tournament was overseen for the first time in its history by an ITF White Badge Referee (Patrick O’Rourke from New Zealand) and this gave the event a whole new level of professionalism. Patrick was assisted by a team of local Tennis Fiji officials who are using the experience gained at the POJC in court supervision and chair umpiring to make a start on the Oceania Officiating Pathway that is being developed by the Oceania Tennis Federation.

The Championships was held over 10 days with over 70 competitors challenging each other in two separate events, the player’s results in both events would determine not only who were the Pacific Junior Champions in Singles and Doubles but the title of Regional Champions was up for contention again.

This year the event had an added element of competition with the Nations Leader board being introduced so that every country could find how they ranked in the Pacific.

The first event was played in round robin pools (three pools of four) followed by knockout draws for 1-4, 5-8 and 9-12 with placement ties. From the positions gained in the first event players were seeded and the second event was based on a more traditional knockout draw with placement matches.

This year the East Pacific were looking to retain their title from 2013, their team featured many winners of the East Pacific Regional Championships in each age group and their Regional Coaches from Tahiti managed to encourage an early rapport with the players challenging the other regions with a Hakka at the opening ceremony, this liveliness and vocal support for every team was to be a hallmark of the championships with every region barracking for their players throughout the whole event.

The standard of play was very high with some hotly contested matches. The event consisted of 3 age categories. 12 and under, 14 and under and 16 and under, this was a change from previous years and brought the age categories more in line with other international events held by the ITF.

Pacific Oceania Junior Champions for 2014

12 and Under Boys – Gillian Osmont (Tahiti) 12 and Under Girls – Naia Guitton (Tahiti) 14 and Under Boys – Larry Maglasan (American Samoa) 14 and Under Girls – Carol Lee (Northern Marianas Islands) 16 and Under Boys – Manoa Desvignes (Tahiti) 16 and Under Girls – Mulan Kamoe (Fiji)

The Nations leader board top 3 places were:

  1. Tahiti (East Pacific)
  2. American Samoa (East Pacific)
  3. Northern Marianas Islands (North Pacific)
  4. Fiji (West Pacific)
  5. Vanuatu (West Pacific)

The East was convincing in retaining the Regional Championships in 2014 this was bolstered by having Finalists in 4 Events.

The West and the North were quite close to each other after the final points tally but they have assured the East that they will have to fight harder to retain the title next year.


The ITF Pacific Oceania Junior Championships have begun at the Regional Tennis Centre in Lautoka, Fiji.

The draws can be accessed by clicking on the following Tournament Software Link: http://www.tournamentsoftware.com/sport/tournament.aspx?id=EE5E172B-4183-45E5-9D24-43C5A20B4775

Monday 12 August- Day 1 Results are as follows: POJC Results Day # 1 Monday 12 Aug 2013

Tuesday 13 August– Day 2 Results are as follows: POJC Results Day # 2 Tuesday 13 Aug 2013

Wednesday 14 August-Day 3 Results are as follows: POJC Results Day # 3 Wednesday 14 Aug 2013

Thursday 15 August: Day 4 Results are as follows: POJC Results Day # 4 Thursday 15 Aug 2013

Friday 16 August: Day 5 Results are as follows: Results Day 5 -POCJC

Final Placings: Final Placings-POCJC



The ITF Pacific Oceania Junior Championships (POJC) will be played in Lautoka, Fiji from 12th-16th August 2013. These events are open only to national teams selected from Pacific Oceania players. The PO Junior Championships is made up of regional teams from the 3 qualifying competitions plus a team from associate member nations (New Caledonia and Tahiti).

There are 3 qualifying competitions, one in each of the sub-regions.

  • West Pacific Qualifying       Fiji                  6th-10th May
  • North Pacific Qualifying     Guam            12th-16th June
  • East Pacific Qualifying        Samoa           5th-9th August


POCJC History and Guidelines
The Pacific Oceania Junior Championships (POJC)

In 1990 the first POCJC was held. To learn more about the history of this event and how this event is managed and organized click on the attached link entitled POJC Guidelines

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