Vanuatu 2017 10th Pacific Mini Games Individual Events Finally Completed

After rain delayed the Finals, the Men’s and Women’s Individual Singles events were finally completed with Julien Delaplane (NC) and Steffi Carruthers (SAM) crowned champions.

Julien Delaplane (NC) defeated Cyril Jacobe (VAN) 6-0,6-2 for the Gold Medal and Matthew Stubbings (PNG) defeated Conway Beg(FIJI) 6-0,6-3 for the Bronze Medal

Mens Medallists

In the Women’s singles Final Steffie Carruthers (SAM) defeated Georjimah (SI) 6-2, 6-2 for the Gold medal and Rosalie Molbaleh (VAN) defeated Marie Liwuslili (VAN) for the Bronze Medal 6-0, 6-3

Womens Medallists

Clement Mainguy(VAN) was also honoured by the Pacific Games Council as the Best Junior Athlete of the Mini Games

Clement Mainguy

The Men’s Doubles Gold Medal was won by Cyril Jacobe/Aymeric Mara(VAN) who defeated Conway Beg/William O’Connell(Fiji) 7-6(5),7-6(5)and the Bronze Medal by Julien Delaplane/Maceo Rouas(NC) who defeated Matavao Fanguna/Semisi Fanguna (TGA) 7-6(2), 6-4

The Women’s Doubles Gold Medal was won by Steffi Carruthers/Lyla Tapusoa(SAM) who defeated Samuelle Bull/Meryl Pydo(NC) 6-2,0-6, 10-8 and the Bronze Medal by Marie Liwuslili/Rosalie Molbaleh(VAN) who defeated Dorrine Ningalo/Vinda Teally (SI) 2-6, 6-1, 12-10

The Mixed Doubles Gold Medal was won by Julien Delaplane/Samuelle Bull (NC) who defeated Leon Soonalole/Steffi Carruthers (SAM) 6-1, 7-6(2) and  the Bronze Medal by Matavao Fanguna/Brookie Ma’asi(TGA)who defeated Graham Mani/Vinda Teally (SI) 6-3,6-1

Final Medal Winners were:

Men’s Team Event- Gold(Vanuatu), Silver (Fiji), Bronze (Tonga)
Women’s Team Event- Gold (New Caledonia), Silver (Solomon Islands), Bronze (Samoa)
Men’s Singles Event- Gold (New Caledonia), Silver (Vanuatu), Bronze (Papua New Guinea)
Women’s Singles Event- Gold (Samoa), Silver(New Caledonia), Bronze (Vanuatu)
Men’s Doubles Event-Gold (Vanuatu), Silver(Fiji), Bronze (New Caledonia)
Mixed Doubles Event- Gold (New Caledonia), Silver(Samoa), Bronze (Tonga)

Medals by Country:

New Caledonia- Gold (3), Silver (1), Bronze (1)= Total 5
Vanuatu-Gold (2), Silver (1), Bronze (2)=Total 5
Samoa- Gold (2), Silver (1), Bronze (1)= Total 4
Solomon Islands -Silver(2)=Total 2
Fiji -Silver(2)=Total 2
Tonga-Bronze (2)=Total 2
Papua New Guinea- Bronze (1)=Total 1

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