Pacific Oceania Fed Cup Team Relegated to Group II for 2020

The Pacific Oceania Fed Cup Team have been relegated to Group II-Asia/Oceania for 2020 following their 7th place FINAL STANDING AFTER PO at the recently completed Fed Cup Tie in Asatana, Kazakhstan. The Tie was eventually won by Kazakhstan who beat China 2-1 and will now play Great Britain in the Play Offs on 20-21 April W-FC-2019-G1-AO PROMOTION PLAYOFF

The daily results can be accessed here W-FC-2019-G1-AO List Of Results with the final pool standings W-FC-2019-G1-AO Completd draws (RR)









L to R Gilles de Gouy, Abigail Tere-Apisah, Steffi Carruthers, Violet Apisah, Carol Lee
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