Pacific Oceania Fed Cup Players Arrive in Bahrain For Fed Cup This Week

The Pacific Oceania Fed Cup Team of Abigail Tere-Apisah(PNG), Steffi Carruthers (SAM), Carol Lee (NMI) and Captain, Gilles de Gouy (TAH) have arrived in Isa Town, Bahrain for the 2018 Fed Cup by BNP Paribas Asia/Oceania Zone Group II Tie commencing tomorrow, Tuesday 6th February.

14 nations will be competing with the list of Nations and their ranking accessible  here AOII

The Draw will take place today, Monday 5 February , after the Captains’ Meeting at the K Hotel.

The four top seeded nations will be placed in Pool A, Pool B, Pool C and Pool D:

Pool A (3 teams)             Uzbekistan – 33 (Nation Ranking)

Pool B (3 teams)             Philippines – 48

Pool C (4 teams)             Malaysia – 55

Pool D (4 teams)             Indonesia – 56

The remaining Nations will be drawn in groups of four Nations in the following order:

  • Singapore – 58
  • Pacific Oceania – 61
  • Sri Lanka – 66
  • New Zealand – 71

Then the last six Nations will be drawn together:

  • Iran – 80
  • Pakistan – 83
  • Kyrgyzstan  – 89
  • Bahrain – 101
  • Lebanon  – no ranking   
  • Oman – no ranking

The winners of each pool will play off against each other (A1 vs C1) and (B1 vs D1) to determine which 2 Nations will advance to the Asia/Oceania Zone Group 1 in 2019.

In the positional play-off Nations will compete in the following order:

  • A2 vs C2 and B2 vs D2
  • A3 vs C3 and B3 vs D3
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