Pacific Oceania Davis Cup Team Promoted to Group II Play Offs in 2023 and Beat Vietnam to Win 1st Place in Vietnam

The Pacific Oceania Davis Cup Team of Colin Sinclair (NMI), Clement Mainguy (VAN), Matthew Stubbings (PNG), Brett Baudinet (CI), Gillian Osmont (TAH) and Aymeric Mara (VAN-captain) have not only been promoted to the Group II Play-Offs in 2023 but have beaten Vietnam 2-1 to claim the #1 place in the positional Play-Offs beating Vietnam 2-1. The Doubles match decided the win against Vietnam with Colin Sinclair and Brett Baudinet beating their opponents 6-7(8), 6-3, 6-3.

Final Results

Play Off

Promotional Play Off

Relegation Play Off 1

Relegation Play Off 2

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