OTF Host OTF Regional Meeting During ITF AGM in Madrid, Spain

Yesterday the OTF hosted a Regional Meeting during the ITF AGM in Madrid, Spain. This was hosted as a hybrid Meeting as some attendees attended in person and others, virtually. There were 19 attendees including 5 from the ITF:

  • Cyrille Mainguy- OTF President
  • Bruce Osborne- ITF Vice President
  • Vicki Reid- OTF Board Member
  • Terri-Ann Scorer-OTF Board Member
  • Torgun Smith- OTF Board Member
  • Barbara Stubbings- OTF Board Member
  • Florence Wasko-OTF Board Member
  • Richard Breen- OTF Executive Officer (Joint)
  • David Smith- OTF Executive Officer (Joint)
  • Jacquie Mangan -Tennis Australia, General Secretary
  • Julie Paterson- CEO, Tennis New Zealand
  • Wilfred Sacault- Vice President, Tahitian Tennis Federation
  • David Haggerty- ITF President
  • Luca Santilli-ITF Executive Director, Development
  • Debbie Kirkwood- ITF Head, Performance & Events
  • Dermot Sweeney-ITF Technical Director, Training Centres and Players
  • Gary Purcell- ITF Development Officer(Pacific Oceania)
  • Jacqui Peroni- Chair, Tennis Victoria
  • Mark Woodforde-ITF Board of Directors, Athlete Representative

The OTF presented a Discussion Document ITF-AGM-Discussion-Document-1.12.21.pdf

This Discussion Document is a “snap-shot” of where the OTF Region is right now, the challenges we have faced for the last 2 years through Covid – 19 and still continue to face, but additionally what the OTF Board view as the collective pathway forward into 2022 and beyond as the OTF focusses on the priorities that are important for the continued growth and development of the OTF region. This aligns with the OTF response to the ITF Survey that was cascaded out in October 2021.

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