OTF Holds 18th General Meeting in Melbourne

The OTF held its 18th General Meeting in Melbourne, Australia on Saturday 19th January 2019. There were 22 attendees including David Haggerty (President ITF), Luca Santilli (ITF Executive Director, Tennis Development), Dermot Sweeney (ITF Technical Director, Training Centre and Players), James McGurran (ITF International Relations Manager) and Gary Purcell (ITF Development Officer, Pacific Oceania).










During the AGM, a new Executive Board was elected for 2019-2020. This is:

President– Cyrille Mainguy (VAN)
Vice-President– Bruce Osborne (AUS)
Executive Board

  • Donna Neisau(FIJI)
  • Ernestine Rengiil (PAL)
  • Celia Patrick (NZL)
  • Wilfred Sacault (PYF)
  • Torgun Smith (GUM)
  • Barbara Stubbings (PNG)

Additionally a OTF Constitution was approved OTF Constitution-Approved AGM 19th January 2019


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