OTF Board and Member Nation Representatives Appointed to the ITF Committees and Commissions 2020-2021

The ITF has today announced on International Volunteer Day the composition of its 2020-21 Committees and Commissions with OTF Board Members and Member Nation Representatives appointed to 8 of these. Committee members include representatives of the ITF Board, member nations and other individuals with specific areas of expertise, all of whom give their time on a voluntary basis.

Those appointed from OTF Board and Member Nations are:

Cyrille Mainguy (VAN) – Regional Association President Taskforce
Bruce Osborne (AUS) – Seniors Committee
Patrick O ‘Rourke (NZL) -Juniors Committee
Julie Paterson (NZL) – Gender Equality in Tennis Committee
Celia Patrick (NZL) – Finance and Audit Committee
Vicki Reid (AUS) – Gender Equality in Tennis Committee
David Smith (NZL) – Stakeholder Engagement Taskforce
Torgun Smith (GUM) – Davis Cup Fed Cup Task Force

The full list can be accessed here

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