Largest Representation Ever of Pacific Oceania Attendees at the ITF AGM in Vietnam

The largest representation ever of Pacific Oceania Nations are attending the ITF AGM currently taking place in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Those Nations represented are Australia, Fiji, Guam, Kiribati, New Zealand, Northern Marianas Islands, Palau, Tahiti and Vanuatu.

The OTF’s President, Cyrille Mainguy, was one of 5 Regional Presidents to meet the ITF Board of Directors earlier this week at the AGM ahead of the formal opening. The Board heard from representatives from Tennis Europe, Oceania Tennis Federation (OTF), Confederation of African Tennis (CAT), Asian Tennis Federation (ATF), Confederacion Sudamericana de Tenis (COSAT) and Confederacion de Tenis de Centroamerica y El Caribe (COTECC).

Presidents were given the opportunity to raise issues on behalf of their member nations and the Board could explain the strategy behind ITF2024. OTF President Cyrille Mainguy said: “The importance of the OTF coming to the ITF AGM is crucial. OTF is composed of three Class B members and 15 Class C members. Being a more under-developed region we are here to express our voice. If we’re not here we can’t say what we need, we can’t voice our priorities and difficulties and we will not get any response from the ITF. We also get to understand what other regions are doing.


“Last year I went away with the motivation level very high because I felt like we are being listened to. I think David Haggerty as the President is very approachable and in his speech last year he said he was here to increase the finances and put more money into Development. That has happened. We feel now like we are a part of the ITF family.”

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