ITF Coaching Webinar an Outstanding Success

Miguel Crespo (ITF Head of Participation & Coaching) and Gary Purcell (ITF Development Officer-Pacific Oceania) hosted a Coaching Webinar on Thursday 9th July. There were 52 attendees from 14 countries:
American Samoa(1), Cook Islands(2), Fiji(10), France(10), Guam(7), New Zealand(11), Norfolk Islands(1), Northern Mariana Islands(2), Papua New Guinea(2), Philippines(1),Solomon Islands(2), South Africa(1), Tahiti(1) and Vanuatu(10)

The following topics were covered with the intent to have a follow up webinar in August:
    * TF Academy
    * Coach Education
    * Continuous Professional Development
    * Current Challenges and Opportunities
    * Q&A
* What is the ITF Academy?
* What are its goals?
* Who is it geared towards? Only coaches?
* What is the structure? How does it work?
* Are there any levels or stages?
* Which different types of courses are there?
* What are the main characteristics of the courses?
* How many languages?
* How will this affect the actual delivery of the courses?
* How is the Academy related to the ITF recognition of the coach education system of a National Associations?
* Why is it important to register in the Academy?
* Resources available for free Ebooks

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