Finals Day in the 2019 Pacific Nations Cup at Lautoka, Fiji

Today is Finals Day and the last day of the 2019 ITF Pacific Nations Cup being held at the Regional Training Centre at Lautoka, Fiji. The teams from Tahiti and Fiji will contest the Men’s Final whilst the Teams from Samoa and Fiji will contest the Women’s final. Playing off for 3rd and 4th places in the Men’s Event will be Samoa and American Samoa whilst the Teams from Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands will contest the 3rd and 4th places in the Women’s Event.

Results from Semi Finals day (Saturday 1st June) were Results Saturday 1st June with the respective draws Mens Play Off 1st-8thand Mens Play Off 9th-14th. In the Women’s Event, the Draws are Womens Play Off 1st-4th and Womens Play Off 5th-9th

The Order of Play for Finals day is OoP Sunday 1st June

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