Fiji Open 2022 Results

The 2022 Fiji Open concluded yesterday at the Sheraton Golf and Racquet Club on the Denerau Island, Fiji. 96 players competed in 22 Events over 5 days with a total of 160 matches. First time winners were found in the Men’s Open and Women’s Open Singles.

The Open Winners were:

  • Men’s Open Singles – Benjamin Pechan (VAN)
  • Women’s Open Singles – Muan Kamoe (FIJ)
  • Men’s Open Doubles – Noah Molbaleh (VAN)/Zachary Sands (VAN)
  • Women’s Open Doubles – Mulan Kamoe(FIJ)/Tarani Kamoe(FIJ)
  • Mixed Open Doubles – Charles Cornish (FIJ)/ Tarani Kamoe (FIJ)

The full list of Winners here

Fiji Open 2022 Winners and Runners Up
Fiji Open 2022 Women’s Singles Winner (Mulan Kamoe-FIJ) with David Smith (OTF Joint EO)
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