Brett Baudinet Play His 50th Davis Cup Match in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Brett Baudinet(CI) has become the only Pacific Oceania player ever to have played in 50 Davis Cup Ties when he recently played his 50th Davis Cup Tie in the Group III Davis Cup in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Brett played his first Davis Cup match against Qatar in 2000 and currently has a Doubles Win/Loss Record of 29/15 and Singles 1/11 for a Total Win/Loss Record of 30/26.

It is the intent of the OTF to request that he be awarded the Davis Cup Commitment Award which is presented by the ITF to players who have shown long-standing dedication to representing their country in Davis Cup. Each award recipient must have competed in a minimum of 20 home or away Ties or 50 Ties at any level of the competition (including Zone Group Events) over their career.

His trophy will be engraved by the ITF and will be presented to him at a future suitable auspicious occasion. At the end of this year his name will be added to the Davis Cup Commitment Award Honour Board, which is displayed at the ITF Office in London next to the Davis Cup Trophy. His player profile page on the Davis Cup website is now marked with the Davis Cup Commitment Award crest

The award was conceived as part of the ITF’s 2013 Centenary celebrations and was launched at the 100th Davis Cup final in 2012. A total 0f 349 players have met the criteria, with awards being presented at Ties throughout the year. All recipients are recognized on the Honours Board at the ITF Headquarters and in a dedicated section on the official Davis Cup website.

The record holder for the most Ties played at all levels of the competition is Domenico Vicini from San Marino, who has so far played a total of 93 Ties. With 66 Ties played, Italy’s Nicola Pietrangeli heads the elite list of players who have competed in 20 home or away Ties for their country

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