2nd JTI Co-Ordinator’s Call A Success

The 2nd Pacific Oceania JTI Co-Ordinator’s Call was held on Tuesday 10th November and was attended by 7 Nations (American Samoa, Guam, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu). This was hosted by Gary Purcell (ITF Development Officer – Pacific Oceania), Miguel Crespo (ITF Head of Participation and Coaching) and Tim Jones (ITF Project lead-Participation).
This was an opportunity for attendees to share their experiences, challenges and opportunities for the respective participation programmes in each Pacific Nation.
This was an opportunity for the ITF to provide information on the forthcoming Regional Coaches Conference from 4th-6th December and also for the ITF to share insights into the global participation programmes and the processes for the forthcoming JTI shipments to the respective Nations.

The call included discussion on
• What has been happening since our last call three months ago
• National COVID19 status updates
• Recent national initiatives implemented / national campaigns
• Club and school activity
• Competitions, including national championships
• New markets and collaboration with other sports
• Retention of players Action points

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