Development Officers

Dan O’Connell is employed by the ITF as Development Officer, Pacific Oceania. He is based in Fiji and travels extensively throughout the Pacific.

OTF contracts Pacific coaches to act as OTF Development Officers and ANZ Ambassadors to visit nations in the Pacific to assist with the ANZ mini tennis program and also with setting up junior programs. Over recent years development officers have included Lave Toli, David detudamo, Johnson Taliki and this year Andrew Mailtorok will take on this role. The picture shows former development officer and Pacific tennis identity Lency Tenai with a group of players in Guam.

Regional Training Centre

RTC 2009

The ITF funds the Pacific Oceania Regional Training Centre based in Lautoka Fiji. Some of the players are resident for the year at the ITF house while a number of Fiji players live at home. ITF and OTF are also very appreciative of the support from ONOC who contribute the fees for the players.

The scholarahip players for 2009 are as follows:
Resident Players:
Christopher Hargrove (FIJ)
Amanda Korinihona (SOL)
Luke Paeni (SOL)
Elias Tukuroa (COK)
Marcia Tere-Apisah (PNG)
Lorish Puluspene (PNG)
Zinnia Leamana (SOL)

Ian Honila (SOL)
Tarani Kamoe (FIJ)

Non resident players
Devashkar Reddy (FIJ)
Adalyn Hazelman (FIJ)
Tony OConnell (FIJ)
Annie Shannon (FIJ)

The director of the RTC is Dan O’Connell, ITF Development Officer for Pacific Oceania. head coach is Australian Talor Wain and assistant coach is Andrew Mailtorok, a former student at the RTC. Naga Reddy also assists with coaching and manages the ITF house. The pictures below show the players training before school, ready for school in front of the ITF House and about to get into the ITF van to head to school.

Regional Training Centre preschool